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We are a white tail outfitting company in western Illinois. We are in Hancock, Henderson, and McDonough counties. We have 20 different farms that are about a total of 5000 acres.  Roughly half of that total is timber. All of our farms have abundant food sources and water. We have been in business for Five years. We have a success rate of 40% and an opportunity rate of 80% at bucks over 125 inches (our minimum) over the past three years. We mainly cater to bow hunters and do 90 percent of our hunting when we feel opportunity is the best which is during the first two weeks of November. We have very limited openings for the first week of the bow season when the bucks are still on their bed to food patterns and a very limited amount of shotgun and muzzleloader openings. We do not hunt any of our farms outside of those 3 bow hunting weeks and the very limited number of people in the gun season!

We have a 4500 square foot lodge that has 8 bedrooms, six bathrooms, and a comfortable living and dining room. There will also be a fire pit outside for everyone to gather around every night to share your day’s stories and to enjoy camp camaraderie. Why hunt with us you ask? When you leave Graveyard Whitetails you feel like you’re leaving a group that you have been hunting with your whole life . We are a small outfitter like stated above so we only take a very limited amount of clients. This enables you to not be treated like a number and interact everybody while at camp. This also allows you to talk face to face with the owner and guides about what experience and expertise they can offer you about the ground you will be hunting. This is a semi guided hunt. You will be assigned a farm which will have stands set on it that have been very productive in the past, but we encourage you to bring your own stands as well because we will give you the freedom to make moves when you feel you need to! Hunting big bucks is often referred to as a game of chess so we want you to be able to make the necessary moves when needed! Your farm will be sized for the size of your group and you will not have to deal with other hunters that are not in you group. If there is an obstacle like standing corn that hasn’t been cut yet and we have another farm with cut corn (which we often do) we will do our best to get you on that piece so we can try to get you a better opportunity at a buck of your dreams! The owner of Graveyard Whitetails is a hardworking man that loves having hunters in camp to try to put them on a buck of a lifetime. He also holds a full time job but this is his passion, unlike a lot of other outfitters he does not depend on this to support him financially. This is how he is able to offer such an affordable hunt, he feels lucky to live in such a fantastic area to hunt giant Whitetails and wants to be able to offer everybody with an average income to come hunt with him!

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