Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How many deer am I allowed to harvest?
  2. How many deer can a youth hunter take?
  3. Will the bag limit for a youth hunter change the number of deer an adult can harvest?
  4. Can I hunt with a Cross Bow?
  5. What is the cost to bring a non hunter/significant other with me?
  6. How many Acres do you have available to hunt?
  7. How much is a youth hunt?
  8. Can I bring two youths along with me?
  9. Are there any trophy fees?
  10. Are there any hidden fees?
  11. Can I bring my own stand?
  12. What is the typical size deer killed?
  13. What is the success rate of your hunts?
  14. What are your minimum requirements in regard to antler size?
  15. What are the requirement for hunter education courses?
  16. Do you offer quantity discounts for group hunts?
  17. Do you run game cameras prior to the hunt so hunters can have some idea of what is using a particular farm?
  18. Can I hunt with a crossbow?


1.Each adult hunter can take a single buck and a doe.

2. A Youth hunters can harvest a buck and a doe.

3. No. A youth hunter’s bag limit does not affect the bag limit of the paid adult parent or guardian.

4. You can only hunt with a cross bow after late muzzleloader season.

5. We charge $250 to cover food and lodging for each non hunter who wishes to accompany you in camp. This includes non hunting children, wives, significant others & camera men.

6. We lease 13 different area farms. The total number of acres on these farms is approximately 4000.

7. $500 for Youth Hunters 17 and under who wish to hunt the YOUTH ONLY Season. They are allowed a single either sex tag.

8. Yes – Additional charges apply.

9. We do not charge any trophy fees.

10. No there are no hidden fees whatsoever. You are free to tip your guide but it is not required.

11. Yes you are free to bring your own stand. Each hunter who hunts from al elevated stand is required to wear a safety belt / harness of some sort.

12. Our average buck will score around140.

13. Success rate is 40 percent but the opportunity rate is around 80 percent no one can pull the trigger for you

14. 125 inch

15. Anyone born after Jan 1, 1980 must have successfully completed a DNR-offered hunter education class to purchase a hunting license.

16. We offer Group discounts for groups of 4 or more. The discount does not apply until and unless all 4 hunters are paid in full.

For Example: If you book four hunters for your group but only three end up going, the discount does not apply.

17. Yes we run a series of game cameras so our hunters can have some idea of what the activity is like on their farm.

18. Disabled hunters or hunters over the age of 62 can hunt with a crossbow.