Affordable Whitetail Deer Hunts

Every affordable Whitetail Hunt starts with Bushy Creek Whitetails!
Everyone today is price conscious to some degree. Its foolish not to be concerned about price.  We can’t say as we blame you. We understand how you feel. No one likes to waste money on any purchase. So the people at Bushy Creek Whitetails has put together a super affordable package in order to make everyone’s dreams of whitetail deer hunting much more affordable.

First, you need to take a look at their prices. Only $1300 for an early archery (October) hunt, and only $1450 for November rut archery or rifle hunting is very affordable to begin with. But it certainly doesn’t stop there.

The people at Bushy Creek Whitetails are going to purchase a non resident Indiana license for you and an either sex deer tag and they are going to give it to you absolutely free when you purchase one of their trophy whitetail deer hunting packages.

But that’s not all!

If you have a youngster you want to bring along who can hunt on a youth license, they will let that young person come along with you absolutely for free.  You provide the license, and they will provide that youngster with 5 full days of hunting,.  Totally for free.  And if that youngster harvests a deer, or even multiple deer, it doesn’t affect the number of deer that you, the adult hunter are allowed to take.  And they will feed that youngster as well !  And everyone knows how much kids these days can eat !

Just take a look at these happy youngsters !


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If you want to get your youngster’s attention away from cell phones for a few days and get them back in the real world, then  just take them on a deer hunting trip and let them have a ball!