Saskatchewan Bear Hunts

Our five day spring black bear hunts offer great accommodations, and complete trophy care.  We have the best in experienced professional guides.  Our guides are all born and raised in this area.  They have spent many years scouting and each one continues to do so still every year. All of our guides are very experienced hunters themselves.  You are going to be guided by a professional hunter in his own right.

OUR Black Bear Hunt Pricing & Availability

5 Day Hunt $2664.00

All hunting prices are in $USD

OUR BLACK BEAR Hunting Methods

Our 5 day hunts begin with clients arriving at camp to get unpacked and settled in.  We operate from one main camp providing easy access to our large outfitting area.

We maintain over 60 stands.  All are well scouted and maintained.  Each is strategically placed overlooking natural black bear funnels. We have large amounts of access to private farmland and forest fringe area that are well known for their large populations of black and color phase bears.  These are trophy bears, with very large skulls and body weight. It is important that our clients hunt from mid day until dark to be in the stand during peak bear activity which generally is about an hour before sunset until dark. Bears are very unpredictable and can show up at anytime during the day.

Our area has some of the most prime bear areas in the entire province, and we have some of the best fishing around which we do every morning of the hunt. We regularly sows with three cubs which is a sign of excellent habitat.

Conservation is the key to a healthy ecosystem. With a very high population of bears in Saskatchewan along with a significant increase over the years, we have a special opportunity in that we can offer high quality, successful trophy  bear hunts. In the first few months following hibernation, bears often find themselves wandering over the land in search of food. With over 30 years of baiting bears,  trophy black bears know exactly where to go to find food and they waste little time getting there. We conduct our  bear hunts in  May and June in order to make absolutely certain that you go home with a bear of a lifetime..