Affordable Bear Hunts

A new bear hunting outfitter in Saskatchewan launches a truly affordable bear hunting that Canadian province.  Color phase bears abound in this remote stretch of Northern Saskatchewan.

Marlon Parasiuk started guiding when he was only 12 years old. His father ran a moose, whitetail & bear camp back in the late 50’s to early 80’s. Then in 1981 Marlon became an outfitter, just as the hunting outfitting industry started to develop in Saskatchewan. He has outfitted for a variety of species and fish, but his primary focus has been archery Black Bear.

In his 40 plus years as an outfitter he has taken over 2000 clients who have harvested over 1500 bears in different areas of Saskatchewan. He has also put about 1000 bears in the record book, Pope and Young or Boone and Crocket and at one time held several spots in the top 10.


You can find more on his website Saskatchewan Bear Hunting.